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Freedom and mythology: our tuppence worth

For us, free does not necessarily mean 'free of charge' but available for all and open for everyone to distribute and to build on. We believe that the creators of ideas deserve to be paid for their efforts and that many of the current structures for capitalising on ideas give to little reward to those that generate them. We think that the root of this issue lies in a number of popular misconceptions about the nature of ideas. We call these the 'top 3 myths of creativity'.

1. Owning ideas increases their value.
2. Ideas are always created by individuals working in isolation.
3. Only certain types of people have ideas worth listening to.

However, we'd like to suggest the following alternatives and see if they provoke any reactions:

1. The value of an idea is directly proportional to its breadth and the myriad forms of its adoption.
2. Ideas must divide and evolve in order to survive - at times certain species will become dominant but there is always an asteroid around the corner!
3. Ideas are rarely the work of single originality but rather, we are all nodes in a network of idea space.

Technology (from language onwards) has enabled the creation of huge networks of ideas and thoughts to be created. In this environment the control of ideas is impossible. The battle for ownership of ideas has been fought and lost and, with the coming of the 21st century, we are entering a new phase of connectedness and openness.
There is a legal framework that supports this approach to creativity. You can find it here.




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